The IOTA Seed Generator Scam

What is this website about?

Between 2017 and 2018 a ‘hacker’ stole more than 10 million Euros in IOTA coins.

He created the malicious website where users could allegedly safely generate their 81-digit IOTA seeds.

We are long-term IOTA community members and have rebuilt this website to show newcomers how to safely invest in the IOTA Cryptocurrency without falling for criminal scammers.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how the scammer managed to gain access to more than $10 million from innocent investors.

IOTA wallet hacker

My IOTAs have been stolen

  • Possible solutions

    The first step is to calm down. Just because your balance says zero, doesn’t mean your IOTAs aren’t safe. There may be a simple explanation and an easy solution to retrieve your coins.

  • File a loss claim

    Where you conclude there’s definitely a problem, reach out to your local police and file a loss claim.

  • Join the official IOTA Discord

    As the trial has just begun, join the official IOTA Discord channel to talk to other affected victims and to stay up to date.

How to buy IOTA


Sign up on a crypto exchange

First, you have to choose a suitable crypto exchange. How you want to go about buying IOTA and what you want to do with it, will determine the best exchange for you.
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IOTA crypto exchange

Deposit money

After the verification process you can deposit money to your exchange account. Common deposit options are bank transfer, credit card, Bitcoin and PayPal. After completing the deposit you can make your first purchase.

IOTA deposit

Trade IOTA

Place orders in the orderbook to buy or sell IOTA. Trade to generate profits, or send your IOTA coins to your private wallet.
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Trade IOTA

How to store IOTA securely

Learn more about how you can store your IOTA coins securely in the Trinity or a hardware wallet.

Learn more about how to successfully buy IOTA and store it with your own private seed here. If you intend to invest larger sums, we strongly recommend the use of a hardware wallet.

Alternative Investing Methods

IOTA is still in its early stages and so the management of tokens remains relatively difficult. If you do not want to spend too much time setting up your wallet or dealing with the secure storage of your coins, there is another option.

If you want to invest in IOTA technology, you can trade CFD contracts from a crypto broker.

For all German crypto investors, we recommend this detailed IOTA Guide from or